Write to your MP to prevent the legalisation of assisted suicide

Image Source: CBCEW

Right to Life UK has issued an e-Action campaign, asking people to write to their Member of Parliament to ask for their commitment to preventing the legalisation of assisted suicide.

Right to Life UK says:

“The assisted suicide lobby are currently running a large campaign to put pressure on the Government to reconsider the legalisation of assisted suicide.

“Thankfully, the Government has recently resisted these attempts and emphasised their commitment to neutrality on this issue.

“It is vital that the Government continues to hold strong against pressure from assisted suicide campaigners and rejects their demands.”

Take action!

We strongly encourage all Catholics to take part in this e-Action campaign. You can make your voice heard and contact your MP by simply entering your postcode and following the subsequent steps here:


Right To Life UK is a charitable organisation focused on life issues such as abortion, assisted suicide and embryo research.

Source: CBCEW