Diocesan Membership

Catholic Recruitment is a not-for-profit Community Website allowing Diocesan members to post an unlimited number of job adverts for free!

Diocesan Membership is welcomed and encouraged from all UK Catholic Dioceses, Parishes, Diocesan organisations and other Catholic Charities.

Benefits of Diocesan Membership

  • Post an unlimited number of job listings.
  • Our friendly Support Team will Post your job listing if required for you for free*.
  • Free promotion of courses and events you are organising or hosting.
  • The option to contribute to our blog.
  • Email and telephone support.
* If you request us to post 3 or more job listings in any one year a £15.00 charge will be made for each new posting.

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How can Dioceses and Parishes support us?

Dioceses and Parishes are able to post unlimited jobs on our site for free. This is only possible with the support of our Catholic schools who are asked to pay £275.00 per year for membership which includes unlimited job postings for them also. By promoting our site, you are supporting our Catholic schools who are members and who are supporting you!  By promoting our site through your Diocese and parish, we can continue to keep our membership fee at a low cost to schools. We ask in return that you encourage your schools to signup for membership and wherever possible place a link to our site on your website. Parishes can help promote our site by having a small item in their newsletter about our site (see below).

  • Follow us on Twitter @RC_Employment
  • Place a link to our site on your Dioceses, Education and Parish Websites
  • Insert a simple article in your Dioceses and parish newsletter: Catholic Recruitment Website – Promoting jobs in Catholic Education, schools, youth services, Dioceses, Parishes and other Catholic organisations. Visit https://www.catholicrecruitment.co.uk/
  • Contribute to our blog.

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