“Knowing that one is small, knowing that one is in need of salvation, is indispensable for receiving the Lord. It is the first step in opening ourselves up to Him,” he said.

“Often, however, we forget about this. In prosperity, in wellbeing, we have the illusion of being self-sufficient, of being enough for ourselves, of not needing God. Brothers and sisters, this is a deception because each one of us is in need, a little one. We have to look for our own littleness and recognize it.”

Pope Francis said that recognizing one’s own frailty allows for the possibility for growth in faith in the face of life’s challenges.

“If we think about it, we grow not so much on the basis of our successes and things we have, but above all in moments of struggle and fragility. There, in need, we mature; there we open our hearts to God, to others, to the meaning of life,” he said.

“When we feel small in the face of a problem, small in front of a cross, an illness, when we experience fatigue and loneliness, let us not be discouraged. The mask of superficiality is falling away and our radical frailty is re-emerging: it is our common base, our treasure, because with God frailty is not an obstacle but an opportunity.”

“A beautiful prayer would be this: ‘Lord, look at my frailties …’ and list them before Him. This is a good attitude before God. “