Launch of Spirituality resource focusing on Responsorial Psalms

The Spirituality Committee of the Bishops’ Conference has been reflecting on how best to support and sustain a person’s prayer life at this challenging time – particularly those who may not have easy access to the internet or streaming services. The Committee has looked to the psalms as the inspiration for its new resource.

Responding to the Psalms is a simple initiative that takes a Sunday’s Responsorial Psalm – an integral part of the Liturgy of the Word – and invites and encourages further reflection on each verse.

Short questions are provided to encourage deeper thought on the verse for a few days or so before the focus moves on to the psalm’s next verse. Once each verse has been considered, we arrive at the next Sunday’s Responsorial Psalm.

The aim is that this will sustain people throughout the week.

Responding to the Psalms is intended to be used by individuals and small groups.

October’s Resource

The Liturgy Office, on behalf of the Spirituality Committee, is making ‘Responding to the Psalms’ available in two formats: as a Word document and as a PDF.

Here are the two formats for October 2020. Please download or print for someone who cannot access the resource online.

For November’s downloads, and ongoing, visit our Spirituality Section or the Liturgy Office website.

Psalms for the coming month will be posted two weeks before the beginning of the month.

Source: CBCEW