Final features added.

 Yesterday we finished adding the final two features of our website.  The first new feature is an online invoicing system in the employer’s section. 

 At Catholic Recruitment, we respect your personal data and we do not ask Job Seekers to register with our site and when applying for a post, our systems put them in direct contact with the employer.

Job Seekers are encouraged to sign-up for our weekly newsletter, the information we capture and store is their Full name, email address and IP address.

So this brings us to the second new feature. Manage Subscriptions function for Job Seekers, who have signed up for our weekly newsletter full control over their data they have shared with us.

To gain access to the Manage Subscriptions area, Job Seekers need to enter their email address and they will be sent a link to access this area.

Once the Job Seeker clicks on the link in the email they will be able to manage their subscription and remove themselves from any lists they have subscribed to.

Under the Profile tab, Job Seekers are able to change their name and email address. They also change the format in which they receive our newsletters. From all screens Job Seekers can delete their account by clicking on the Delete Account button.