Cardinal Nicholson on bereavement as Covid deaths pass 100,000 in the UK

Cardinal Nicholson lights a candle for the bereaved as Covid deaths pass 100,000 in the UK Credit: CBCEW

Cardinal Vincent Nichols spoke to LBC radio’s Matt Frei on Saturday 30 January 2021 just days after the tragic news that the UK’s death toll from COVID-19 had passed the 100,000 mark.

Each death leaves a family bereaved, each hospital admission results in a person facing a fight – loved-ones anxiously hoping for the best from a distance.

Cardinal Nichols talks about dealing with grief and bereavement, encourages us to pray and shares his own experiences of loss and separation.

“We try to make the limited resources of the Church as widely and readily available as we can… the hope that faith brings is that this death is not the end of the person’s life it’s an entry into a fuller life – we will be together again. That’s the promise of the Christian faith.”

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Source: CBCEW