Bishop welcomes NHS to Plymouth’s Diocesan Offices for roll out of vaccine

Image Source: CBCEW

The Catholic Diocese of Plymouth has reached an agreement with the NHS to use its Diocesan Office at St Boniface House, near Newton Abbot in Devon, in order to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine.

Bishop Mark O’Toole, the Bishop of Plymouth, said:

“I warmly welcome the NHS to St Boniface House, our Diocesan Offices, so that they can be used as a base to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The Church is very happy to cooperate with the Government in this endeavour, as a service to local communities. This is an extension of the work that has been carried out in our churches during this pandemic, in reaching out, in the name of Jesus Our Lord, to our neighbours and to ensure their wellbeing. This next step with the vaccine is a sign of hope for us all.”


The NHS will use St Boniface House, in Ashburton, to serve up to 200 people a day – starting on 16 December – and carrying this through until at least April 2021. It is a major exercise, involving nine GP Practices, plus other civil authorities in the locality.

The logistical arrangement, to enable the use of the Diocesan offices for the vaccination programme, is demanding, but the Diocese of Plymouth views the exercise as an important act of service for the common good of all.

Further information about the COVID-19 vaccination programme, including that operative at St Boniface House, can be obtained from local GP practices and the NHS website.

Source: CBCEW