Bishop David Oakley remembers Covid-19 victims across the world on visit to local cemetery

Bishop David Oakley remembers Covid-19 victims at Kingsthorpe Cemetery in Northamptonshire 01 November 2020. Image Source:CBCEW

On a visit to Kingsthorpe Cemetery in Northamptonshire, the Bishop of Northampton, the Right Reverend David Oakley “called to mind all those who have died in the in the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world.”

He said that “memory is fundamental to our human experience.”  And that “during the month of November, we remember those who have gone before us, our loved ones in particular.”

This year, the bishops said “we remember the faithful departed at a particularly challenging time…. As the Body of Christ, we intercede for them and their loved ones.”

Bishop David visited the Cemetery on the eve of All Saints Day, 1 November – a feast day which reminds us “that we were created for heaven.”

He encouraged others to visit their local cemetery and “to pray with the conviction of hope for those who have died and rest there until Christ returns in glory.”

Source: CBCEW