UK Choir releases music track to raise funds for Ukrainian Welcome Centre

SANSARA, a leading British vocal collective, has released a single based on words by Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky and poet Serhiy Zhadan to mark six months since Russia invaded Ukraine.

The new single, A Quiet Night – Tyhoyi Nochi sets text in English and Ukrainian and is written to be sung in places where refugee communities can work together with local choirs.

The music is by one of the country’s foremost young composers, Kyiv-born Natalia Tsupryk, whose life has been devastated by the conflict.

“Everything I do now, both professionally and personally, is about Ukraine,” said Tsupryk. “Death is everywhere and you never know which of your loved ones might be next. Ukrainians desperately need the world’s assistance to win and end this cruel war as soon as possible.”

She added, “President Zelensky’s words about ‘a free people’ not allowing ‘occupation to take root in their land’ show Ukrainians for what we are. Far from being victims and losers, we are warriors and winners.”

The initiative will raise funds for the Ukrainian Welcome Centre which supports newly-arrived Ukrainian refugees in the UK. The Centre is a partnership between the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family in London and the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain.

The British Government estimates that over 111,900 Ukrainians have arrived in the UK as of 8 August 2022.

Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski, Eparchial Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic community in the UK says the Centre is playing a vital role in helping the displaced Ukrainians:

“Our credibility, expertise, and scalability make us uniquely positioned to meet the tasks of signposting, assisting and just being there for the newly arrived people.”

Andriy Marchenko, Director of the Ukrainian Welcome Centre added:

“Ukrainian refugees need to thrive here but also cherish their culture and language, keeping an emotional connection with their home country where they can return when it is safe to do so.”

Read more about the Ukrainian Welcome Centre and, if you feel you can, donate to the Ukraine Refugee Appeal.

Speaking about A Quiet Night – Tyhoyi Nochi, SANSARA’s Artistic Director, Tom Herring, stresses one of the strengths of the piece is its power to unite:

“We hope this work will be performed by Ukrainians and host communities in the months and years to come. SANSARA’s work is rooted in the belief that choral music has a unique potential to bring people together.

“A Quiet Night is a musical expression of solidarity with the people of Ukraine,” he said, “but it is also a creative vehicle for choirs to meet and sing with all those displaced by conflict. We hope that groups around the world – amateur and professional – will perform this new work, creating spaces of sanctuary and refuge, fostering genuine moments of human connection.”

SANSARA will give the live premiere performance of A Quiet Night on Friday 25 November at St Martin-in-the-Fields, London. Tickets here.

About Sansara

SANSARA is an award-winning vocal collective uniting the next generation of choral artists. Winners of the London International A Cappella Choir Competition, performance highlights include concerts at the Barbican, Kings Place, St John’s Smith Square, V&A and several leading UK festivals.

Visit SANSARA’s website.

Source: CBCEW