Adding an establishment logo for twitter and for job search page

*** You need to be logged in to My Account -> Post a Job to perform this action ***

Note: A Listing Logo is now required before you can submit your Job Listing for review. 
You are only required to do this once (unless you change your logo).
You can only add or change you Listing Logo when creating a new Job Listing or editing an existing Job Listing. 

The best image to use for this is your Twitter logo as it works best.  The size of your logo should be 400×400.

1. On the” Post A Job”  page scroll down to the  Establishment Details section

2. Then find Listing Logo and click “Choose file” upload the logo file from your local computer.

3. You can only save a Listing Logo when creating a new Job Listing and you will only have to do this once.


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